What are Partial Planning Services?

Partial planning services allow you to hire a planner to perform specific tasks or projects related to the wedding.  For example, you may hire the planner to research options for a band, finding hotels, arranging shuttle service or providing recommendations for rehearsal dinner locations.  The pricing structure varies by company with some charging an hourly rate and others a set fee.

How do I decide between a Day-Of Coordinator and a Partial Planner?

If you have family members or friends willing to assist with planning or you enjoy doing all the planning yourself, hiring a Day-Of coordinator should be sufficient.  This will allow you to enjoy the wedding day while having a dedicated person to manage all of the logistics.  If you find yourself lacking the time to deal with significant portions of the wedding details, use partial planning services to complete those projects and focus on what you can handle best with the time available.  Also consider combining partial planning services with a Day-Of Coordinator.